BuckHawk Center

Welcome to BuckHawk Center Animal Rescue.

The face of a puppy

This is Curry, one of our adoptions.

We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to rescuing animals in need. Mostly dogs are in need in our area. We provide them with medical care, basic training and lots of TLC. Adoptable pets are placed for adoption. Those that won’t be good candidates for adoption, due to age, health conditions or temperament, are kept as permanent residents at the Center. We treat them like our beloved pets.

The BuckHawk Center is staffed entirely by caring and committed volunteers. All funds raised go to the care of the animals.

It is our true desire to see the need for organizations like ours no longer be necessary. You can help in this regard by spaying and neutering your own pets. Don’t allow unplanned and unwanted puppies to burden the already over-crowded rescues and shelters.

The BuckHawk Center, Inc., was established in 2002. It’s located in the Ozark Mountains of South Central Missouri. We do not have regular open-to-the-public hours. That is only because we are located far off the beaten path. Which is a good thing for the animals, not so good for the public.
Please feel free to tour around our site, meet our featured pets and consider supporting us with a donation.
In September of 2011, The BuckHawk Center Animal Rescue website was chosen to receive a website award for excellence. We are very honored by this award and thank Dog Breed Info.com for their support.Website Award


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