A Thank You is Due

The BuckHawk Center website got a new feel, from the back end that is. You won’t see much of a change as a viewer, but I get to see the change as the administrator. This change comes to us from a great support team.

The main support came from Anne, owner of SEO Praxis hosting company. With her help, our site is now easier to manage with more security than I knew existed. Anne was a gem in helping me along every step of the way. Never did she even seem upset with all my questions and pleas for help. She just happily answered my questions, took care of everything, and kept smiling the whole way.

A second support person has been Paula of Lake Erie Artists. She helped me configure our new site to work smarter for us. Paula only chuckled when I warned her she may get sick of me sooner than later. She may have stopped chuckling by now, but she hasn’t let on to me.

Last, but certainly not least, is Kathy of Katrick Supplies. She has been not only a dear friend, but also a huge supporter of the BuckHawk Center and all of our rescue work. Kathy has saved me from myself, which is not easy to do.

So huge Thank Yous go to Anne, Paula and Kathy for all their help in improving our site.

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