Charming Heinz Has His Forever Home

Yes, Heinz is a charmer and now he is happily charming his own family. He is one of our Black and Tan Coonhound mixes, one of the litter that joined BuckHawk. The great fun part is the family that he now calls his own.

It was a great email that started the whole adoption process off. Of course, they were initially interested in Heinz’s big brother, Cormac. Now, don’t get me wrong, Cormac is a great charmer, too. But he’s huge! The mother in the family informed me of the family make up: 3 children ages 7, 6 and 5. Immediately, I sent back a warning. Just the size of Cormac could be a problem with those children. I suggested they look at the other two of the litter and they fell for Heinz.

Many emails later and a very nice phone call later, we arranged to meet about halfway in between on a Saturday morning. The kids were 2 boys as the oldest and a little girl. Don’t you know, Heinz couldn’t have behaved better for this wonderful family. He gave doggie kisses all around and accepted the love and attention with wonderful grace. When the paperwork was completed and final goodbyes said, he climbed in to the car and sat wonderfully on the floor at the little girl’s feet.

After an adoption, it’s one of the things that await eagerly. How are things going? The next day an email arrived. Holding my breath, I opened to read: He’s the greatest dog in the world! We all love him. But, there’s just a bit more to this story.

The two boys were the ones most excited to have a canine best friend, but it seems the girl was the one that Heinz took to. After much begging, the parents relented and allowed him to sleep in the little girl’s room. The next morning, they discovered the two curled up together in bed. In other words, Heinz had his love.

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  1. Susan, so happy to hear Heinz has a new forever home! I love to read of success stories like this! And he doesn’t even need a doggie bed. lol You are an angel for these animals. Thank you so much! Hugs to you! Pam

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