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There are many ways that you can support BuckHawk Center


A financial donation is one way. Just look to the upper right side of this page and make a secure donation through PayPal. You don’t need to have a PayPal account to use your credit card.

Websites from Our Volunteers and Supporters:

Whimsical Teapots and Tea CupsWhimsical Teapots and Tea Cups talks all things tea time. Find helpful information, shop for a new teapot or tea cup for your collection or for a gift, pick out specialty teas, even see display options for collectors. Recipes, gifts and tea talk.

All proceeds support the work of the BuckHawk Center.



And be sure to check out our Organize Craft Supplies site as well. Lots of great information for the crafters out there. We’re talking new craft ideas, great organizers, latest craft supplies, even holiday crafts to try out.

All proceeds benefit our work here at the BuckHawk Center.



Appreciate Volunteers is a site to help all those who manage volunteers. Recognition and appreciation are so important to help out those all-important volunteers. Find useful help and tips for special ways to thank your volunteers.


Country Porch World shares the fun, charm and elegance of designing an outdoor living space. Whether it’s your porch, patio, deck of a section of your backyard, you can enjoy a country porch look. Tips, articles and shopping all in one place for your country porch.




All About Wine is just that. Sharing information, basics, tips, even uses for those wine bottle corks. Learn all about wine in plain English, plus learn what those fancy terms actually mean. Join us as we pair wine with food, decide whether screw top bottles are good or not, and discover the right way to taste wine. Tips, articles and shopping all in one place for your wine enjoyment.


Backyard Bird World is the fun of sharing our lives with those marvelous feathered friends. Of course, us animal lovers will also be bird lovers, so we are having a great time with all the joys of backyard birds. Learn about song birds, see how a Blue Jay shows his emotion through his crest, and shop for those special products that make life with backyard birds so much fun.


Apple Kitchen Stuff is all about the fun of decorating your kitchen with apple stuff! Lots of decorating ideas, tips and information just about what works great with an apple-theme kitchen. And the items available to add to and accent your kitchen are loaded here! You can work with a theme like country apple or vintage apple, or just have fun with an eclectic collection or a whimsical theme. We busy decorating and we think you will enjoy it, too.



Since we seem to know (and are) lefties, it was time to work with a site just for us. Lefthanded World is just that. Fun into, ideas and suggestions just for lefties and those who parent and teach lefties. Find lots of cool left-handed stuff, too.




Mystery book lovers rejoice! We have a great place to share the fun excitement of reading all those great mysteries. From the classics like Agatha Christie to the new talents like Abbey Sparkle, amateur sleuths, police detectives and PIs all come together at Mystery Book World. Come on over and share the fun with us.

Want to do a little decorating in your kitchen and you love the mid-century or retro look? Then we have it for you. Retro Kitchen World is just for the fun of getting that 1950′s look in your kitchen. Tips, suggestions, DIY’s and shopping all abound. So get your creative juices flowing and enjoy a tour of the site. You’ll be glad you did.



We’re keeping a fun kitchen decorating theme going here with Fat Chef Kitchen. Enjoy all the delights of this whimsical little guy as part of your kitchen decor. Everything you need to help you design a Fat Chef Kitchen, including color schemes, wall decorations and those great functional products for the kitchen including cookie jars.  So enjoy your tour and have a little fun while still helping BuckHawk Center. We always appreciate it.




 BuckHawk Center is a GoodSearch/GoodShop Charity, too.

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!   Click on the link to your left and start searching or shopping. Remember to add it as a toolbar, so you won’t forget to search or shop to benefit BuckHawk Center.


We are an official Charity at Squidoo, also. BuckHawk Center has it’s informational page, but we have many other pages as well. Visit them often, purchase from those pages, and BuckHawk Center benefits.


BuckHawk Center is also a charity through eBay. Whenever you list an eBay item for sale you can choose to have a portion of the sale price go to BuckHawk Center.

When you make a purchase on eBay, you can choose to add a donation amount to your purchase price for us.

So please support us anyway and every way that you can!

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